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When to have planned our garden?

The borders of our home should not stop at the corners of the house. Building and garden has to be devised together, and if it's possible, the garden design process should be paralell or beforehand the building's construction. Stairs, patios, other garden buildings have large affect on the garden's athmosphere, and hopefully changing them afterwards won't be necessary.  It is wise to provide space  for electrical systems, water inflow conduits, pipes of the future irrigation system, wires for garden lighting before starting any site works.


What do I expect from my garden, how much should the maintenance be?

The maintainance is in direct proportion with the size of shrub and perennial patches ( weeding, watering, edging , cuttings, etc ). Try to assess your needs from the perspective that do you really want to  have a beautifully composed garden that you have to  maintain later on? Couldn't it be a better solution to hire a professionalist to do it, or is it rather woth to get a garden with less needs?  It is good to know, that the nicer and more intense a garden is, the more maintainance it requires.


Is it worth get an automatic sprinkler system?

- if you do not want to risk the investment you turned into your garden, and also the lives of plants,

- if you do not have several hours a day for manual irrigation - of which great part evaporates in the heat anyway, 

- if you would like to have consisnent irrigation that fits to the plants' needs, meanwhile you relax,

- if you do not want to be welcomed by burnt grass and wilted flowers 

Then yes, it is worth!


What should be done for the plants' rooting  and growing?

The woody vegetation requires intensive irrigation for  at least one or two years (depending on the plant and its size) after installation. Important: less, but high doses of irrigated water!  In the case of larger trees and shrubs, irrigation system should be supported by hand in the beginnings!


How will the garden look like when it is handed over ?

Any kind of  large plants implanted in the garden, a few years are necessary for the trees, perennials, shrubs to grow togehter. Sometimes the plants are hardly noticeable in a larger garden space , but in order to avoid too dense beds and throw out half of the plants in 3-4 years, you might wait with patience .


Is it only a dream to have evergreen, always blooming plants in the garden?

Plants can decorate all through the year with foliage ( evergreen) or with blooms (perennials) for a few weeks. The two cannot go together (except for fire thorn, rhododendrons, erikas, and a few others) . Both shrubs and perennials have one ( maybe two ) flowering peak, when they are beautiful (catalog photos usually taken during this period), otherwise only the leaves and fruits make the garden interesting for rest of the year. Furthermore, it is often an important requirement for a plant to have low care, to satisfy very little water, to be cheap but larger than the neighbors' , and to be at least two people high. These are perfectly fit to the plastic and silk flowers, which we cannot serve with.  


Dog , garden or garden with dog?

We can say, there is no "dog-safe" garden, but small and light or large and lazy pets make slighter harm.


What would be the ratio between the evergreen and deciduous plants?

If possible, do not overdo the evergreens, especially the use of pine trees, as in the Hungarian native flora there are mostly deciduous species. A purely evergreen garden doesn't match with the surrounding landscape, and can be overwhelming and monoton because of the less flowers. the little flowers are often due to overwhelming effect , the same monotonous . It is noteworthy to have no more than 30-40% of evergreens with mainly broadleaves, so that every year a variety of colors and shapes prevail in our garden .


Overcrowded garden by obsession ?

Do not be a bad sense of green-minded : the plant that is sick, one-sided , rescuing it is not possible, does not fulfill its function, or  is in the wrong place, needs to be cut . Do not try to place three botanical gardens in a few hundred squaremeters garden, because none of the plants can prevail. Our love and passion for collecting plants should be expressed in other ways. 

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